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Who Needs A Rock?

September 18, 2008
The answer is you do. Every person who ever lived has had to endure trials and tribulations, and when you do, you will you need something anchor yourself to. While salvation is the number one priority of Christianity, God gives us the gift of his steadfastness while we live our lives here. The fact is, this world– no matter how solid it feels– will in time shift, rot, rust and crumble. No nation, no building, not even the rocky mountains will endure forever. All must fail, but not God or his unfailing love for his creation. His eternal, unchanging existence has been the rock since the beginning of time and will endure forever. That is an anchor in a storm you can count on when life crashes down on you, and trust me, it will. Brace yourself now and trust him; he will see you through.


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