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Here will be a little about Ann. Maybe a picture of her riding a horse.

Ann's FaithAnn's Journal

“God loves me, I accept Christ.” Six words from an 11-year-old speaking volumes. These words were discovered in Ann’s journal. The page was dated Oct 29, 2007. Ann had just turned 11. On the page were random thoughts on Ann’s classmates and typical fifth grade school dynamics. Sandwiched in theses random thoughts were the words that will remain with Ann's family and friends forever, “God loves me, I accept Christ.”

Ann had a tender heart for the Lord at a young age and she was telling her classmates in the first grade that they needed Jesus. Ann’s “six words” have a destiny. They have been and will continue to be a voice for evangelism.

God chose to reveal His Son to Ann at an early, early age. We will forever thank God for His choice.


Ann's Library

Ann's Library

Of Ann it could be said, she loved three things in life: Horses, Jesus and books. Ann loved to read books. Ann was an avid book reader, as one could always find her with a book. When Ann visited the public library, the librarian would often ask Ann if she needed a bag for all those books. Ann never ceased to amaze the librarian with the books she would check out. They were not the usual books children her age would typically check out; history, science and the more difficult to read books. Ann’s favorite books were the Chronicals of Narnia series. Ann’s Bible is worn and the book of Revelation was her favorite. From the time Ann could read, if she wasn’t on her horse or involved with play, Ann could most often be found reading a book. In the car, during church, on the bus, a family picnic, or in the living room of her home, Ann always had a book to read. The morning of July 5, 2008 Ann finished reading her last book here on earth, 90 minutes in Heaven by Don Piper.

Ann’s Library is now housed in the children's section of the Wausa Library. Ann’s Library is a collection of books dedicated to Ann’s friends and family in loving honor of Ann’s love for Jesus and her love of reading. Some of the books you’ll find in Ann’s library:

90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper
Heaven, In Light of Eternity and Heaven for Kids by Randy Alcorn
What is Heaven Like by Beverly Lewis
The Littlest Angel
God Gave us Christmas
The Chronicals of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis
My Child My Princess by Beth Moore
Princess Madison series by Karen Scalfilinamen
Gigi God’s Little Princes and Will God’s Mighty Warrior series by Sheila Walsh
My Creation Bible by Ken Ham
What Really Happened to the Dinosuars by John Morris and Ken Ham
The Real Noah’s Ark by Tom Doodley
Summerhill Secrets 1 and 2 by Beverly Lewis
Winnie The Horse Gentler Series by Dandi Daney Mackall
Sisters in Time series by various authors
Always Trouble Somewhere series by Wanda Brunstetter
Wolf Collection by Renee Dobson
Faith Girlz! Blog On Series by Dandi Daley Mackall
You are Special, Your Special Gift by Max Lucado
I’d Be Your Hero, I’d Be Your Princess by Kathyn O’Brien
The Sleeping Rose
Beautiful Girlhood Series By Tracy Craven
Henty Classics- William Potter
Sidney and Norman; A tale of Two Pigs by Phil Vischer



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